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Tiffany Desk Lamps

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Tiffany desk lamps can brighten up a workspace and make time spent at a desk much more enjoyable. They come in a variety of styles, color and design, and are made by many different manufacturers. While almost any type of lamp with a stained glass shade is often referred to Buy Cheap Pandora Bracelets  as a Tiffany, this can be misleading. Tiffany desk lamps you can buy in stores today are all reproductions of the lamps made in the late 19th century and early 20th century by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his small band of craftspeople.

Louis Comfort Tiffany worked in New York, designing stained glass for an interior design firm. The leftover pieces of glass at the end of each work day inspired him to start designed lampshades from them. He did continue doing the design work for the firm for a while, but soon he began exclusively designing and creating his signature lamps. A few Pandora Charms On Sale artists and craftspeople worked with him to create the lamps, which were art but that he intended to be used in people's homes and used, rather than simply admired.

Tiffany desk lamps were made by hand. There was no mass-production involved in their creation. The designs were hand-drawn; all the glass was cut and soldered by hand. In fact, it's not even known how many Tiffany desk lamps or other types of lamps were made from each single design. Each pattern could be used an infinite number of times, but they did not keep records of how many were produced. This is part of the reason original Tiffany desk lamps and other original creations are so valuable, with one having gone for over 8 million dollars in a public sale.

Today, reproduction Tiffany desk lamps can range from cheap and poor to expensive, quality reproductions that painstakingly mimic the original style and designs of Louis Tiffany. Dale Tiffany lamps is a top manufacturer of these reproductions today, and considered to be one of Louis Vuitton Bags the most authentic desk lamps producers, with the Tiffany desk lamps and other creations true to the original artist's vision. Quality reproductions are not cheap, but it's worth the price to add such a functional and beautiful item to your home.

Tiffany desk lamps start with a pattern drawn on heavy cardboard or a board of some type. The designer labels each piece of glass and decides on the color, all before glass is even touched. Once the design is perfect, the glass is placed on top and carefully traced. Then the glass is cut, cleaned, joined together with copper foil--no other type of joining material--and soldered carefully in place. After a thorough cleaning, the reproduction Tiffany desk lamps shades are complete.

Some of the most popular styles of Tiffany desk lamps, whether by the original artist or those produced today, use certain techniques and themes to make a distinctive impression.
The artists style of Irregular Pandora Sale Upper and Lower Border lamps give the appearance of tree branches and shrubs because of the openwork edging. Some Tiffany desk lamps bear lots of flowers and foliage, sometimes one type and color of flower, sometimes many. And another distinctive style of Tiffany's was the use of tiny bits of nature like dragonflies, spiders and spiderwebs. Other Tiffany desk lamps were graced with squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and ovals. These are known as the geometric style.

The glass used in Tiffany desk lamps was distinctive, as well. He favored flawed glass and opalescent glass, because they showed different shades and colors depending on Pandora Silver Charms the light and how you looked at them. The colors should have the changeable quality that marked original Tiffany desk lamps.

Flat, colored glass has no place in Tiffany desk lamps reproductions. Yet today, almost any glass lamps can be called Tiffany lamps. Those who don't even know the history often refer to glass lamps as "Tiffany." Ask the manufacturer about the process of production to ensure you find quality reproduction Tiffany desk lamps.


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